LGJ Non-Negotiable Rules and Regulations

1. Students must enter and exit the school building in FULL dress code. This includes having the proper shoes and clothing on upon entering the building. Items such as headgear (hats, scarves, etc.) and boots or sneakers will be confiscated and you will have to serve detention to get them back.

2. Students may not wear any outer clothing (coats, scarves, sweatshirts, hoodies, etc.). These items must be left in student lockers. If you are caught wearing outerwear, those items will be confiscated and you will have to serve detention to get them back.

3. Students must bring their ID to school daily. Show your student ID card to any adult in the building who requests it. Having your student ID to enter the building is mandatory- students that don’t have their school ID will be given after school detention.

4. Students may only use their hallway lockers four times a day at the following times:

1. Before the start of 1st period (once 1st period begins locker time ends)

2. Before the start of 2nd period (once 2nd period begins locker time ends)

3. Before the start of 5th period (once 5th period begins locker time ends)

4. After the conclusion of 8th period (students have 15 minutes to use their lockers)

*Students who use their lockers at any other time will have their locks confiscated for one week.

5. Students must be prepared for class each day, which includes bringing all necessary school supplies.

6. Eat and drink only in the cafeteria. Food and drink are prohibited in the classroom, with the exception of water. Food and drink items will be confiscated and thrown away.

7. Electronic devices (iWatches/ smart watches, iPods, cell phones, electronic games, etc.) are not allowed to be seen, heard or used inside of the school building. Once confiscated, your electronic device will only be returned to a parent or guardian who will need to come to school to pick it up.

8. Profanity and inappropriate language are prohibited. Consequences will range from a verbal reprimand to suspension.

9. Do not graffiti, deface, or litter in your classroom or any part of the school building. Students who vandalize or litter will have consequences ranging from community service to suspension.

10. All students must also abide by the Citywide Standards of Discipline and Intervention Measures (The Discipline Code). Failure to do so will result in consequences that vary from a verbal reprimand to expulsion.

*Staff members are expected to enforce our Non- Negotiable Rules and Regulations at all times