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Sweet Sixteen Cookbook

Dear Friend of LGJ,
We would like to have three or four of your favorite dessert recipes for cakes, cookies, pies,
etc., as soon as possible. We will select one or more of your recipes to be included in our cookbook;
your name will even be printed in the cookbook with each of your own recipes!
Please carefully type your recipe on the attached recipe form and submit only one recipe per form.
If you would return your recipes to us by December 14, we will be able to consider your recipes for
inclusion in our cookbook.
We are anticipating a great demand for these cookbooks, so we want to be certain we are
ordering enough cookbooks. It would help us immensely if you would indicate below how many
cookbooks you want us to reserve in your name. Remember, you are under no obligation to make a
purchase but, if you don't reserve your copies now, we may not have a cookbook for you when they
arrive in early 2013!

CLICK HERE: Recipe Submission Form
Please return your recipes to Mrs. Cuff at LGJLibrary@gmail.com
Thank you so much for participating in our fundraising efforts.
Please reserve _______copies.
Name (please print)_______________________________________
Phone No.______________________________
Email address: ___________________________________________

If applicable:
Student Name _________________________________________ Class _____________

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